12 things about trans women

Many trans women are not appreciated by everyone in today's world. Most people think that trans women are a monster, but this is not the case. Transgender women treat sexual behavior in the same way as ordinary people. Because transgender women and bisexual women, gay women are different, there are 12 things about trans women:


1."Getting off" can be tough

Remember the whole "feminized penis" slide? Well, for trans women who have a strapless, estrogen can make getting off a lot harder. At times, ejaculation can take up to an hour, sometimes even longer.

2.we're often missing in sex ed

In the United States, there is no sex education about transgender and health. Although we have obvious existence in academia, this has brought a lot of confusion to many transgender people. Even the world is unfair to them. Many times, they may not know why so many people are concerned about gender and sex. orientation.

3.Trans women are at-risk for HIV

In fact, we're a high-risk demographic. A CDC report reveals trans people have an HIV prevalence rating of 22%. In one study sourced by the report, 28% of trans women reported infection, and 12% self-reported HIV. That's huge, and safe sex is a top priority in our community for that reason.

4.open to all sorts of relationships

There are poly trans women and mono trans women, trans women in open relationships and trans women who experience demisexuality. Trans women come in various shapes and colors, and that means shades of romantic and sexual relationships, too.

5.there's a lifesaver

But that's where one special toy comes in handy: the Magic Wand. These bad girls are known for stimulating strapless girls properly, allowing them to enjoy private time without running the risk of prolonged sexual frustration.

6.sex isn't all that different

Really, when it comes to it, trans sex isn't all that different. Estrogen may affect the way partners are intimate with each other, but a lot of the same rules of gay and straight sex apply. There's kissing, there's cuddling, there's some naughty bits, and there's two (or more) people coming together to celebrate their bodies. Nothing better than that.

7.Many of us are kink-friendly

Bring on the kink. But it's true. Trans women often experiment with or embrace kink, in part because kink allows for new ways to express and explore sexuality. Of course, tastes largely vary from trans girl to trans girl: no two women think and feel the same way, and every trans woman falls on a different part of the sexuality spectrum.

8.HRT can affect orgasms

Orgasms change in style and intensity. Many trans women experience "female orgasms" after they've been on HRT for awhile, which is marked by involuntary sensations from sexual pleasure. It's definitely quite the change.

9.HRT changes our entire bodies, too

"Soft" is a great way to describe what HRT does to trans women's bodies. Skin becomes softer and clearer, breast tissue starts to form, lips may become softer or shinier, and hair may change texture, just to name a few changes.

10.Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) affects the way the penis operates

To put it bluntly, a feminized penis doesn't work the same way as a non-feminized one. Erections are harder to hold and maintain, ejaculate becomes white and clear, and the penis itself becomes softer.

11.The proper term is "strapless"

Sexual health literature has a term for trans women who have penises: our genitalia is called a strapless. It's a nice, polite way to describe our bodies without bringing on the assertion that we're either "pre-op" or "post-op."

12.We can be found throughout the sexuality spectrum

Trans women are often cast as lesbians or straight women. But trans women experience the whole entire spectrum of sexuality, from being asexual to pansexual to bi.