Top 5 Misunderstandings of Transgender Women

Transgender women are also ordinary people, they also need to be understood by society, but most people do not know how to approach transgender women. They are usually very nervous and even feel that transgender people are terrible and afraid to help transgender people. Well, everyone in society is equal. No one knows their sexual orientation when they were born. Most transgender people are very kind, but they often become so depressed. No sexy T-Girls will give them a day. But they never realized that by fixing some simple mistakes, they can greatly improve their success rate. Remember these tips to prevent transgender people from being hostile to you.

1. When talking to transgender people, don't use derogatory words such as "tranny", "Shemale", "ladyboy". These are technical terms for pornography. If you want to record each character with your camera, this is the route you should take. However, if you want to see a real girl, they will not be so objective. Most of them are women. If you must use any term to indicate the difference, use the "conversion word" or simply: "TS".

2. When you have sex with a transgender, please don't find any excuses and reasons to be loyal to them. Most TS girls like straight men, not those who are confused with sex, who make excuses in the first minute of the conversation. And, remember, they are women, so of course, you are not gay. If you show doubt, she might think it would be better if you wear a wig. Transgender girls are relatively simple compared to gay girls, and they also desire love.

3. Don't buy them with cheap money, or just looking for excitement. TS girls long for true love, not the so-called one-night stand. TS girl has seen it all. Think about your average nightclub and male to female ratio. About 99% of women are now removed, and more men are being replaced by men seeking contact, a transgender community. So no matter how beautiful you look, how rich you are, or how cumbersome you are in the gym, girls can see it all, so they just feel that you have no responsibility and even want to continue to build this relationship with you.

4. Don't be very erotic in front of TS girls, this will make them feel that you are not reliable, even you are not trustworthy! Ordinary girls think that the porn world is completely distorted by them, they only have negative emotions and more distrust. If someone calls you to say that you got it from a girl you know, you will think she is very cute. Then you can try to contact this girl.

5. If you like this transgender girl, please be patient! Most people are completely unsuccessful and then surprised by the minimal results they have achieved. This reminds you that if you are online, stop sending each profile and try to give a true first impression. If you are going to the club, don't expect your first night to pull your fantasy girl. Try to learn about some regulars and build honest friendships. You need to understand these TS girls, not just the pursuit of excitement.