Terminology and other definitions of transgender people

If you want to date a deformer and meet a shemale , you need to learn the correct terms and definitions before starting the search. In most cases, when it comes to this exotic beauty, the best place to search is through an online dating site. This is true because, in our society, gay men, lesbians, transgenders, and homosexuals are discriminated against, making it difficult for them to be honest about their sexuality in public. The following are the basics and definitions of common terms:


CD or Cross Dresser: A person who wears a heterosexual suit but is not a transgender.

Drag King: A woman who plays a man, he often performs for shows and the stage.

Drag Queen: A man posing as a woman, usually for performances and stage performances. Lu Paul is the perfect example of the Queen.

FTM or female to male: This is a woman who becomes male or is becoming male through hormone therapy and/or surgery.

Homosexuality: Individuals are attracted to gender by gender.

Lesbian: A person who claims to be a woman is attracted to other women.

Pre Op: A transgender who transitions from one gender to another, but does not undergo any or complete gender realignment surgery.

Post Op: A transgender who has completed a sexual transition from one gender to another.

Queer: There are no people with obvious signs of male or female characteristics.

Shemale: A term coined by the adult film industry that defines male to female transgender people. In most cases, the word "shelf" is considered an objectionable word.

SRS: Gender redistribution surgery. A person after surgery has already had SRS and has now completed the transition to appropriate sexual behavior.

Transgender: Another term for transgender people. This is a loosely used term that can have many definitions.

Transgender: It can be either male or female genital or transgender.

These are definitions of transgender people, let you know more terms, let you know more about transgender people on the transgender website, and call them more polite. Because transgender people change too much, these terms related to transgender people are very necessary for the process of our dating.