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Are You Transphobic if You Refuse to Date Trans People?

Dating can prove difficult for many people, but once you add being transgender to the mix, it becomes even harder. We might live in a modern world whereby sexuality and gender become less of a worry; it’s been found that many people would still avoid dating a transgender person.

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It’s been determined that individuals using tranny dating apps are less likely to date a guy who believes that they can tell who is trans or not. Trans porn has grown in popularity, and more straight people are watching it, yet they refuse to date individuals who are transgender. The reality is that people are still mindful of who they date because they’re eager to date singles who match their specific needs.

On another note, transgender singles can look convincingly beautiful, while dating profiles can be deceiving, especially when people fail to share that they are transgender. However, straight people are less likely to date a transgender individual because they’re fearful that their sexual orientation will be brought into question. What this means is that they could be considered gay. In contrast, those individuals who are either gay or lesbian are more likely to date and even fall in love without concern.

Trans People

Straight men have a real concern about being seen as gay because masculinity plays a significant role in who they are and how they are perceived. Furthermore, it’s been discovered that dates have occurred whereby straight men have discovered they’re dating a transgender person, and things have become violent. Everything plays into the overall picture of what a real relationship looks like. Dating is a daunting experience but dating a transgender person becomes a completely different experience. It throws all-natural thoughts and feelings into the air. However, it’s important to remember that people have feelings and needs.

Men are more likely to react negatively to dating a transgender person. While their appearance might look much like that of a real woman, once they begin taking things further, they cannot overlook things such as who they were and even their genitals. Many might ask, is it natural to feel this way? Many might feel as though it makes them look gay? All of these are legitimate feelings. If a straight guy suddenly started having feelings for other guys, it would mean that he is gay. In contrast to this, a straight guy might find a transgender woman attractive based on appearances. However, once he discovers who they really are, that physical connection becomes almost impossible because of the way in which his brain is wired. He isn’t attracted to someone with the same genitalia. So, would this make him transphobic or someone who is simply following his feelings and emotions?

Trans People

It’s all too easy to call someone transphobic for not having feelings for transgender individuals, yet they aren’t called homophobic for not dating people of the same sex? There is a fine line between being transphobic and not. Attraction is an important element of dating and meeting new people. There’s no denying its importance, but things can go further and deeper. Chemistry is a big element of connecting with others, but the physical element of any relationship is important. It’s very easy for people to be attracted to someone based on looks. Sure, transgender people can look very much like the person they want to be but for others looking for love, overcoming this change and changing their emotions becomes a serious challenge.

Being called transphobic is a serious thing, but it’s important to keep an open mind. Transphobia becomes something that is met with anger, violence, and even maliciousness. However, someone who avoids dating transgender people and does so in a way that is respectful is simply someone who is following their emotions and feelings. Blurring the lines between the two isn’t something we should be doing, and assuming that someone is transphobic could cause serious problems.

Therefore, it’s important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Not everyone who avoids dating transgender people is transphobic. So, we need to understand the reasoning before the behaviors. If the behaviors become aggressive and nasty, then it’s likely that someone is transphobic, but it’s a very risky area to cover without considering the wider angle.

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