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Five Things You Need to Know About the Open App

  • The website is created primarily for non-monogamous people (although it can be used by anyone)
  • It’s free to use!
  • Potential matches are location-based using the GPS on your phone
  • You can search through users using hashtags
  • It’s available for download in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store
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In-Depth Open Dating App Review

Welcome to our #Open dating app website review! As one of the newcomers to the online dating world, this dating app has a lot to offer compared to other niche services (such as trans dating apps). But what exactly makes the Open dating app any different from all the other apps and services on the market? In this review, we’ll find out!

Free Services

One of the greatest things about the Open dating app is that it’s entirely free! You won’t find any mention of paid memberships on the Open dating app dating site, and if you click the “Membership” button located under your profile, it simply mentions the importance of community and invites you to send any suggestions you may have to the staff using the email address provided. This means that anyone can use the matchmaking and chat features of the Open dating app at no cost! While (like most apps) you can easily set up a solo profile, the service allows for couples’ profiles as well.

Paid Services

As mentioned above, Open is entirely free to use, meaning there aren’t currently any membership options available. We’re not sure if this will continue to remain true in the future since there isn’t any mention of providing free services as one of their key values. Rather, the Open dating app places its focus on providing a safe place for non-monogamous individuals (or couples) to enjoy ethical dating. Inclusivity is also a key value for this application. Their platform is usable by both singles and couples of all gender identities, sexual orientations, and relationship preferences.

Who Uses Open Dating App?

Although the Open dating app can be used by literally anyone, the majority of users on the site appear to be members of the LBGT community. Both singles and couples make up the user base of the Open dating app since both types of accounts can be created. The overall size of the community is relatively small, and in fact, the mobile application only has 50,000 downloads from the Google Play Store! While some people may consider this to be a downfall, the smaller community of the dating app means the members who do use the service are more actively engaged compared to larger services with fewer interactions per member.

How to Start Chatting on the Open Dating App

Signup is an extremely streamlined process requiring only an active phone number to join. After you confirm your phone number (via text message confirmation), you’ll be prompted to start filling out your profile. You need to pick out a name, username, date of birth and upload at least one photo to your profile before providing any other information. Most information is optional, but there are a lot of fields you can fill out. Options include relationship status, relationship type, sexual orientation, gender, preferred pronouns, partner preferences, “hard limits,” “looking for,” and interests.

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Pros & Cons

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Detailed dating profiles
  • Individual and grid views available
  • Requires an active phone number
  • You can only message matches
  • No additional match options

Profile Quality

The Open dating app uses phone number verification as its main form of security. Unlike other services, photos don’t seem to be initially screened, although inappropriate ones may be removed by moderators later on. A quick review of their website reveals they use the “NICE” (Negotiate, Include, Consent, Experience) standard for account activity. Accounts are banned from using this platform if they reach 3 community standards strikes. To find other members, you can use the location-based matching system or search by using hashtags to find compatible members.

OpenApp Profile

Open Dating App Reviews

“The Open dating app is a God-send for polyamorous women like me! Mainstream apps make it hard to find partners, but it’s easy with Open!”

Abbie, 27, Palm Harbor, FL

“As a TS man, it’s hard to find love online. Most trans dating apps just don’t cut it, but Open has the sense of community I was looking for!”

Mark, 32, Rochester, NY

“I couldn’t find a single review on Open, so I wasn’t expecting much, but this application actually surprised me. Not many people use it, but the opportunities are definitely there.”.

Jennifer, 41, San Antonio, TX

Expert Conclusion

Throughout this Open dating app website review, we were constantly impressed by how much this application offers to anyone for free. The Open dating app provides the most important feature—unlimited messaging—without any strings attached. Of course, like most services we review, the service wasn’t without shortcomings. It would have been nice if you could message other members on the service without matching first, and the inclusion of desktop services on the Open dating app dating site would have been nice. Still, for a newcomer to the online world, we feel that Open has a lot to offer, so we have given it a high rating & truly recommend giving it a try!


Does Open limit free accounts?

Upon review, we can happily report that all the features are free to use!

How to Change Your Location in Open

Open uses your GPS location by default. To change this, go to settings, then click on the airplane symbol under “Distance.”

Is Open Safe to Use?

Yes! The app has an active admin team and works to actively protect the community from fake profiles, scammers, and other negative accounts.
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